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Rajapalayam is famous for Mangoes and High breed dogs named after the city name. Rajapalayam belongs to Virudhunagar district. There are many attractive places in Rayapalayam like Ayyanar Falls which is near the town Srivilliputur. The main way of income for these people here are through weaving cotton and spinning as cotton is major portion of cultivation here.


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    Rajapalayam a city famous for high breed Dogs


    Rajapalayam Dogs

    Rajapalayam a city located in Virudunagar district. It is known for a variety of high breed dogs. The main place for which the tourists gets attracted in Rajapalayam are Srivilliputur and Ayyanar falls. The major profession of the people here in Rajapalayam is textiles. There are many textiles industries, spinning mills and weaving cotton mills in this place. The name Rajapalayam came from the community of the people who have lived there called the Rajus. They are Telugu speaking community. In Raju’s community women are not allowed to continue their schooling after a certain age. Early period Rajapalayam was engaged in Agriculture but later periods many industries can be seen blooming in Rajapalayam. People here are very much confident and they are hard working people, so the business development is very quick, particularly cotton based business. All kinds of religious people are involved in the growth of Rajapalayam. In Rajapalayam there are many educational institutions which offer quality education. Rajapalayam is also famous for Mangoes.

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